House Rules

  1. No one under the age of 10 years allowed to play. 10-14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

  2. Ball supersedes caller, mechanical or human error.

  3. Master books cannot be cut, shared or altered.

  4. The only recognized way to mark your bingo paper card is with a dabber.

  5. “Bingo” or “Balls” must be called on the last number announced and that number muset appear in your bingo.

  6. You must shout “Bingo” or “Balls” loud enough for the caller to stop play.

  7. Members of the Association executive or immediate family will be allowed to play.

  8. Volunteers are not permitted to purchase bingo cards or play bingo at the event in which they work.

  9. Gaming employees are not permitted to play bingo or event tickets in the hall which they are employed.

  10. Non-gaming tagged employees such as bus drivers, security and concession works will be allowed to play.

  11. You must purchase a regular game book in order to play ay specials

  12. All sales are final.

Rules for Electronic Units

  1. SLGA regulations are 36 faces per game on the electronic units.

  2. Master book must be purchased on electronic unit.

  3. Players are permitted to play 1 electronic unit at a time.

  4. Players are allowed 1 electronic unit at all times - the purchasing a reserving of units is not allowed.

  5. It is the players responsibility to retain your sales receipt which contains your player ID number. No refunds or replacements will be given in the event of the loss of your receipt.

  6. In all instances, the player is responsible for checking their sales receipt and the electronic unit for accuracy, including the date, amounts and purchases and must immediately notify staff of an error.

  7. Additional play is not permitted to be added once the sales receipt has been printed.

  8. It is the players responsibility to lock your electronic unit if leaving it unattended. Please do not take the the electronic units outside the building.

  9. Playing ID numbers expire at the end of the session being played.

  10. Players will be held liable for any intentional damage or defacement of the electronic units.

  11. Electronic units will be issued to players with a valid receipt by bingo volunteers.

City Centre Bingo Breakopen House Rules

1.     Breakopen tickets will not be sold to persons under the age of 16.

2.     Breakopen tickets will be sold for cash only.

3.     Sellers are not permitted to purchase or play Breakopen tickets at the gaming event in which they work.

4.     Gaming employees are not permitted to purchase Breakopen tickets in the hall or premises in which they work.

5.     Number of winners remaining or sold from a game unit will not be disclosed to anyone.

6.     Winning Breakopen tickets will be redeemed only if purchased from a game unit sold by the licensee.

7.     Advise players that tickets are to be opened at the time of purchase or at the event in the bingo hall.

8.     All sales are final.